Prelude Blogger Template


Blogs & Lattes is now expanding with more templates as I was contemplating about decreasing prices but keeping my sales strong. And then I decided to come up with a new category in my store called the budget templates. Basically, all budget templates will cost only $10 CAD with great design but they will be non-responsive. If you're looking for great templates with low cost, this might be the one.

So far the templates listed in this category are Adagio, Eloquence, Definite and the newest one, Prelude.

Prelude is a budget template with elegant design suitable for travel, lifestyle & fashion bloggers. The gadgets / widgets in this template is custom, completed with auto post summary at homepage. I have also included a pin-it pinterest button on every image when hovered. This template is one of my favourite designs by far. Click here to preview the template :)

I hope by releasing the budget collection, you will be more encouraged to purchase my templates and so I may keep the shop going. Currently I'm working on a better way to showcase Blogs & Lattes, possibly by creating an online shop by myself. This has been an ongoing plan, but I still need more time to make this happen - I now have a new job and in overtime schedule up to 48 hours a week.

If you're still visiting my blog, thank you for putting up with me (and my absence throughout the year). Trying my best to divide my time between work, social life, running the store, and doing my hobbies. It's pretty darn hard, but everything is definitely worth it.

Enjoy the fall season! ~ 


The Weekend: Drafts


Lately I haven't been able to pick up the brush and mess with the ink - so handwriting with pen is the best thing I can do for now . . . It's funny seeing my handwriting transforms from the best penmanship to the worst, messy kind of scribbles. And trust me, I wasn't even trying to be messy.

I love first drafts and I use them most of the time. For me, art is an act of spontaneity and it never has to be perfect. So if you're curious enough to know, I will happily tell you that I don't usually write more than one draft for each lettering. Only if it's business related and if I'm doing it for someone else, I would be willing to create several drafts and pick the most perfect one out of the rest. And hey, we gotta love imperfection! Look at how awkward the letter "s" in "swam" right there.

Anyways, it's really been a while. I've had such difficult time juggling several things at once - and I'm not very good at multitasking anymore. So if you happen to still visit my blog from time to time, I would like to take the time to thank you.

And happy long weekend! It feels different when you celebrate labour day and not going back to school the next day.

Much love!  😻




Summer is here and so is the heat! Being missing for a while makes me miss this blog and those times in the past. Sometimes I feel like racing with time. Not only does time fly, it also skips moments that I'd love to enjoy longer. I guess I can be positive enough and think, "It means I'm enjoying life." but when I'm not strong enough I am scared that I'm actually racing with time - and not being able to buy it back. This is the sole reason why I was offline for weeks, thinking I need to make use of this limited time rather than spending it online too much.

On the last weekend of July, we finally went camping (I didn't go last year because it was my first week of work) and I could say I missed the feeling of sleeping in a sleeping bag, in a tent, and waking up to noisy crows. I'm glad it wasn't raining and I'm glad we canoed most of the time. Moments like these won't probably repeat themselves, so I forced myself to take more pictures of our canoeing trips.

It is now the summer of 2016. My time in Canada is limited and running out. I can promise to stay strong and fight for my permanent residence, and hopefully the government would come up with a more effective options for us international students with working permit. Meanwhile I will always do my best and won't give up so easily - for I have earned everything I've had through hard work, sweat, blood and tears - and with God, I could achieve anything, Amen.

Don't forget to visit my instagram account and my blog shop where I mostly spend my online time ~ and stay in touch!


Marble Blogger Template


Hello spring and hello May! New month means new blogger template and I'm excited to introduce my newest addition to Blogs & Lattes. Low and behold, the MARBLE.

Marble is a responsive blogger template with Masonry grid layout. This template also features sticky navigation bar, popular posts slider, share buttons and related posts. I am very grateful because this template had always been a dream until I received massive help from my cousin Hendrik, who figured out the JavaScript and jQuery codes and thus made my dream a reality.
Speaking of blogger templates, I have noticed a lot more blog shops open on Etsy - these shops offer much, much cheaper templates and so I believe somehow a small portion of this has affected my current sales.

Obviously, I do want this shop to keep going. Therefore, having a clearance sale seems to be an option. I would like to announce that my older templates are on clearance - more than 50% off their original price. Please check it out because the quantities are limited.

Lastly, I hope you guys are having a marvellous time with the weather - for I've waited too long to finally enjoy the double-digit Canadian weather.



Ever & After Blogger Template | Free Download


As a designer, of course I always wish my designs will sell great. My wish is not too flowery. However, sometimes it's not always possible. I've designed dozens of templates on Blogs & Lattes, but some templates just won't sell until they are expired. I never end up renewing the templates that don't sell.

So what to do with those ones? Easy. I'll give it for free. Here is Ever & After, a responsive template with pink, feminine theme. You may download and use the template for your own blog, but there will be no technical support provided. The header font is not included. Fair is fair, right? 

If you would want me to install or tweak the template, please go to my shop and purchase "Template Installation" and/or "One Add-on". I will then be very happy to assist you. Please note that this template is not for sale. Geez, I despise people who just exploit others' creativity for money. So I beg you, do not sell this template, and do not remove the footer credit. 

By downloading the .xml file, you have therefore agreed to Blogs & Lattes' terms of conditions. Enjoy the template!