Spring 2017

I am beyond glad that winter is over and that I'm starting to get natural vitamin D from the sun. Pretty sure Ontario is having a way earlier spring than last year; and that means time to revisit the beautiful blossoms at High Park. It has become a tradition for me to go back and enjoy the pinkish petals falling down from their branches.

This post was meant to be published weeks ago; but thanks to the busy life I haven't got the chance to. I think life gets pretty hard to manage these days; and getting sick is the living proof. Ever since I started working full time in 2015, I have become more prone to sickness than I was before. But trying to stay positive, I'll see it as a chance to rest and take things easier for the time being.

As much as I hate being sick, I love looking back to these spring pictures on my computer (you've probably seen this one on my instagram). Nevertheless, I thank Nasya for taking this picture - it was purely candid; this one is.

It also makes me think ... who still blogs nowadays? Has the blogging world died? Am I just typing and talking to myself at the moment, with no-one actually reading?

I hope not; and I hope people would still buy my themes! Ciao x


Quality Me Time

I love some quiet, me time in the mornings. You can say I am a morning person, since I don't really sleep a lot *light sleeper alert*. What I love most in the morning is the sun rays that peek into my room through the window blinds. A perfect morning relaxation is me sitting down with a cup of green tea (sometimes eating Eggo's frozen waffles) and listening to Vivaldi or Bach.

That is why, I find winter depressing. I remember how excited I was furing my first year of seeing snow. As time passes by, I realized the sun is getting rare and mornings are much more depressing during wintertime. Now that I can actually start seeing sun again every morning, I feel much better and hopefully more inspired.

As for my Etsy business, I am planning to do a major expansion by introducing Wordpress version of my blogger templates; it will be hard to start over but with the help and support from my family and close friends, I hope to grow my business and keep creating functional templates.

In case you haven't checked, I launched a couple of new templates this year. You can visit my store by clicking the Blogs & Lattes icon on the left side.

Till then,


Twenty Seventeen

Long time now see, Blogger :) I must say I kinda miss you and pouring my heart out like old times. Isn't it ironic, though? I spend so much time on Blogger working with awesome bloggers but I haven't even worked on my own blog for a long, long time.

Well, winter is still hovering around Canada and I'm getting tired of the dull, dark sky. Two weeks ago I went to stay in a cottage up north and the weather was beautiful; and for once, I spent the weekend without actually thinking about my Etsy business. 

Actually, it's been really hard for me to create a balanced life, dividing my full-time job, design business, social life, hobbies, and volunteer hours equally. I complain a lot about why we have 24 hours a day instead of 30, because there's just so many things to do in one day and life never stops rolling. Sometimes I even have to stay up late, finishing up some designs and be at work 7.30 in the morning the next day.

But thankfully, I am very grateful to know that 2016 was a great year with a lot of changes happening. And I love changes; as much as I love learning new things. So here's a (virtual) toast to 2017: May this year open even more opportunities and great new beginnings, may God grant us good health and keep us company with good family & friends, and may everything we do bring good to others and to the world.


(I wonder if anyone still visits my blog; if you do, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart <3)
photo by NASYA


Prelude Blogger Template


Blogs & Lattes is now expanding with more templates as I was contemplating about decreasing prices but keeping my sales strong. And then I decided to come up with a new category in my store called the budget templates. Basically, all budget templates will cost only $10 CAD with great design but they will be non-responsive. If you're looking for great templates with low cost, this might be the one.

So far the templates listed in this category are Adagio, Eloquence, Definite and the newest one, Prelude.

Prelude is a budget template with elegant design suitable for travel, lifestyle & fashion bloggers. The gadgets / widgets in this template is custom, completed with auto post summary at homepage. I have also included a pin-it pinterest button on every image when hovered. This template is one of my favourite designs by far. Click here to preview the template :)

I hope by releasing the budget collection, you will be more encouraged to purchase my templates and so I may keep the shop going. Currently I'm working on a better way to showcase Blogs & Lattes, possibly by creating an online shop by myself. This has been an ongoing plan, but I still need more time to make this happen - I now have a new job and in overtime schedule up to 48 hours a week.

If you're still visiting my blog, thank you for putting up with me (and my absence throughout the year). Trying my best to divide my time between work, social life, running the store, and doing my hobbies. It's pretty darn hard, but everything is definitely worth it.

Enjoy the fall season! ~ 


The Weekend: Drafts


Lately I haven't been able to pick up the brush and mess with the ink - so handwriting with pen is the best thing I can do for now . . . It's funny seeing my handwriting transforms from the best penmanship to the worst, messy kind of scribbles. And trust me, I wasn't even trying to be messy.

I love first drafts and I use them most of the time. For me, art is an act of spontaneity and it never has to be perfect. So if you're curious enough to know, I will happily tell you that I don't usually write more than one draft for each lettering. Only if it's business related and if I'm doing it for someone else, I would be willing to create several drafts and pick the most perfect one out of the rest. And hey, we gotta love imperfection! Look at how awkward the letter "s" in "swam" right there.

Anyways, it's really been a while. I've had such difficult time juggling several things at once - and I'm not very good at multitasking anymore. So if you happen to still visit my blog from time to time, I would like to take the time to thank you.

And happy long weekend! It feels different when you celebrate labour day and not going back to school the next day.

Much love!  😻