On The Desk // 01

My desk has been my companion for the last 4 years staying in Canada. It gets messy most of the time, but I love taking pictures of what's on it. So here is the first collection of my desk. You will notice that I mostly work with my Macbook Pro and Microsoft Bluetooth mouse. Some friends asked why I didn't buy an Apple mouse, and my answer was always, "Because I don't need it just yet". 

On my desk, I do a lot of activities. I work, study, paint, present, and even eat breakfast. Sometimes it feels like my desk is my creative place (I'm not that creative, so this statement is not to imply that I am).

I also love the fact that my desk is white because it looks simple and minimalist. When I get my own apartment or house later, I will have white desks with good lighting. My desk matches with my phone case and my Macbook (or did I buy them on purpose just to match the desk? Hehe). 

I might make a series of blog posts about my desk in the future, so let me know what you want to see! If you love or have white desk too, share your blog link / picture link so I can take a look :)

P.S. I have started to post some desk photos on instagram, so you can follow along and find more pictures like these. Follow my instagram @amandainezz.



  1. I feel like everyone needs a "creative place" just to let loose and do whatever. It's so funny that you say you don't think you're that creative, because I'm so in love with all of your prints. So beautiful!


  2. Awe! You're too sweet! Thank you for the compliments and for the support xD You make me feel that I shouldn't stop doing this for the rest of my life, hehe.

    Have a nice day :D