Summer is here and so is the heat! Being missing for a while makes me miss this blog and those times in the past. Sometimes I feel like racing with time. Not only does time fly, it also skips moments that I'd love to enjoy longer. I guess I can be positive enough and think, "It means I'm enjoying life." but when I'm not strong enough I am scared that I'm actually racing with time - and not being able to buy it back. This is the sole reason why I was offline for weeks, thinking I need to make use of this limited time rather than spending it online too much.

On the last weekend of July, we finally went camping (I didn't go last year because it was my first week of work) and I could say I missed the feeling of sleeping in a sleeping bag, in a tent, and waking up to noisy crows. I'm glad it wasn't raining and I'm glad we canoed most of the time. Moments like these won't probably repeat themselves, so I forced myself to take more pictures of our canoeing trips.

It is now the summer of 2016. My time in Canada is limited and running out. I can promise to stay strong and fight for my permanent residence, and hopefully the government would come up with a more effective options for us international students with working permit. Meanwhile I will always do my best and won't give up so easily - for I have earned everything I've had through hard work, sweat, blood and tears - and with God, I could achieve anything, Amen.

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