The Weekend: Drafts


Lately I haven't been able to pick up the brush and mess with the ink - so handwriting with pen is the best thing I can do for now . . . It's funny seeing my handwriting transforms from the best penmanship to the worst, messy kind of scribbles. And trust me, I wasn't even trying to be messy.

I love first drafts and I use them most of the time. For me, art is an act of spontaneity and it never has to be perfect. So if you're curious enough to know, I will happily tell you that I don't usually write more than one draft for each lettering. Only if it's business related and if I'm doing it for someone else, I would be willing to create several drafts and pick the most perfect one out of the rest. And hey, we gotta love imperfection! Look at how awkward the letter "s" in "swam" right there.

Anyways, it's really been a while. I've had such difficult time juggling several things at once - and I'm not very good at multitasking anymore. So if you happen to still visit my blog from time to time, I would like to take the time to thank you.

And happy long weekend! It feels different when you celebrate labour day and not going back to school the next day.

Much love!  😻

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