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Blogs & Lattes is now expanding with more templates as I was contemplating about decreasing prices but keeping my sales strong. And then I decided to come up with a new category in my store called the budget templates. Basically, all budget templates will cost only $10 CAD with great design but they will be non-responsive. If you're looking for great templates with low cost, this might be the one.

So far the templates listed in this category are Adagio, Eloquence, Definite and the newest one, Prelude.

Prelude is a budget template with elegant design suitable for travel, lifestyle & fashion bloggers. The gadgets / widgets in this template is custom, completed with auto post summary at homepage. I have also included a pin-it pinterest button on every image when hovered. This template is one of my favourite designs by far. Click here to preview the template :)

I hope by releasing the budget collection, you will be more encouraged to purchase my templates and so I may keep the shop going. Currently I'm working on a better way to showcase Blogs & Lattes, possibly by creating an online shop by myself. This has been an ongoing plan, but I still need more time to make this happen - I now have a new job and in overtime schedule up to 48 hours a week.

If you're still visiting my blog, thank you for putting up with me (and my absence throughout the year). Trying my best to divide my time between work, social life, running the store, and doing my hobbies. It's pretty darn hard, but everything is definitely worth it.

Enjoy the fall season! ~ 

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