Quality Me Time

I love some quiet, me time in the mornings. You can say I am a morning person, since I don't really sleep a lot *light sleeper alert*. What I love most in the morning is the sun rays that peek into my room through the window blinds. A perfect morning relaxation is me sitting down with a cup of green tea (sometimes eating Eggo's frozen waffles) and listening to Vivaldi or Bach.

That is why, I find winter depressing. I remember how excited I was furing my first year of seeing snow. As time passes by, I realized the sun is getting rare and mornings are much more depressing during wintertime. Now that I can actually start seeing sun again every morning, I feel much better and hopefully more inspired.

As for my Etsy business, I am planning to do a major expansion by introducing Wordpress version of my blogger templates; it will be hard to start over but with the help and support from my family and close friends, I hope to grow my business and keep creating functional templates.

In case you haven't checked, I launched a couple of new templates this year. You can visit my store by clicking the Blogs & Lattes icon on the left side.

Till then,

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