Twenty Seventeen

Long time now see, Blogger :) I must say I kinda miss you and pouring my heart out like old times. Isn't it ironic, though? I spend so much time on Blogger working with awesome bloggers but I haven't even worked on my own blog for a long, long time.

Well, winter is still hovering around Canada and I'm getting tired of the dull, dark sky. Two weeks ago I went to stay in a cottage up north and the weather was beautiful; and for once, I spent the weekend without actually thinking about my Etsy business. 

Actually, it's been really hard for me to create a balanced life, dividing my full-time job, design business, social life, hobbies, and volunteer hours equally. I complain a lot about why we have 24 hours a day instead of 30, because there's just so many things to do in one day and life never stops rolling. Sometimes I even have to stay up late, finishing up some designs and be at work 7.30 in the morning the next day.

But thankfully, I am very grateful to know that 2016 was a great year with a lot of changes happening. And I love changes; as much as I love learning new things. So here's a (virtual) toast to 2017: May this year open even more opportunities and great new beginnings, may God grant us good health and keep us company with good family & friends, and may everything we do bring good to others and to the world.


(I wonder if anyone still visits my blog; if you do, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart <3)
photo by NASYA

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