Spring 2017

I am beyond glad that winter is over and that I'm starting to get natural vitamin D from the sun. Pretty sure Ontario is having a way earlier spring than last year; and that means time to revisit the beautiful blossoms at High Park. It has become a tradition for me to go back and enjoy the pinkish petals falling down from their branches.

This post was meant to be published weeks ago; but thanks to the busy life I haven't got the chance to. I think life gets pretty hard to manage these days; and getting sick is the living proof. Ever since I started working full time in 2015, I have become more prone to sickness than I was before. But trying to stay positive, I'll see it as a chance to rest and take things easier for the time being.

As much as I hate being sick, I love looking back to these spring pictures on my computer (you've probably seen this one on my instagram). Nevertheless, I thank Nasya for taking this picture - it was purely candid; this one is.

It also makes me think ... who still blogs nowadays? Has the blogging world died? Am I just typing and talking to myself at the moment, with no-one actually reading?

I hope not; and I hope people would still buy my themes! Ciao x

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