Photobucket Issue


Dear Customers of Blogs & Lattes,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by Photobucket's sudden change of policy that has affected your themes. As you may or may not know, Photobucket has changed its terms of service, no longer allowing users to do 3rd party image hosting unless a payment of $399/year is received.

For the last five years, I had been using Photobucket as my image storage for my design elements, such as profile pictures (for sample blogs and several blogger who needed my help getting a profile picture url), social media icons (this is for my old themes, before I started using FontAwesome), Pinterest pin button, post signatures, and others (arrows, borders, etc). When Photobucket changed its policy a couple of days ago, I did not receive one single email of warning. Which is why, this caught me off guard and I have been getting tons of emails asking what's wrong.

I was going to concede and pay, so that my customers won't be left uncertain; however Photobucket's payment page won't let me select my country and province, not to mention its page is full of ads. So this is the best solution I can provide you right now.

Follow these steps:

- Go to Blogger - Theme - Edit HTML
- When you see the HTML box, click anywhere inside it, then press CTRL+F or APPLE+F until a search box appears
- Search for: photobucket and you will see a direct link for the element of blog (either it is a border, or pinterest button, etc)

- Replace the image link with these, whichever matches your case









- Repeat your search until you no longer have photobucket in the HTML box

If these are too much for you to do, please send me an etsy conversation with your receipt and email address, then I will send you the updated theme (.xml file).

Hope this is the best way that I can come up with. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know! Once again, I am truly very sorry about this issue.


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