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Hello, nice to meet you all. I am a fresh-graduate business student with passions in writing, blog-design, brush-lettering, music and traveling. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2011, I took a huge step to study abroad all the way north to Canada, where I reside now, and hope to continue residing. Even though my major was not in art/design/media, I self-teach myself how to write, how to code and how to design, hoping that I can make something worth the energy.

My Works

FAIRY DANCE - my arrangement for piano, composed December 2011
BEAUTY SLEEP - novel, published in Indonesia, June 2013
BLOG & LATTES - blog design shop, launched November 2014
GALLERY - collection of my brush lettering, launched November 2014


This blog is a tool of self-exploration, and you as my readers matter the most. I try to provide meaningful contents in every post, as I hope you would benefit out of it. I tend to challenge myself with new things, so you will find lots of things in this blog as you browse through. In this blog I have prepared some gifts - feel free to check them out in the FREEBIES section.

Most of this blog's contents include some personal posts, where I share my moods at the moments and how I spend the WEEKEND. These personal series are often accompanied by my brush letterings. I also tried to keep my writing spirit, so I started a WRITE WEDNESDAY series, which now has come to a halt because there is not enough interest. Thankfully, I will still use Write Wednesday to continue expressing myself in writing.


I work fulltime and my definition of studio is simple. One laptop, notebooks, and internet connection. My best working schedule is on the weekends where I would spend hours working on a new blog design, painting new letterings, or just updating my blogs.

As a beginner in design, I am very open to opportunities of projects and/or collaborations. Also, if you need help with designing your blog template, or if you want customized brush-lettering prints, I will be very honoured to work with you. Please shoot me an email to hiamandainez@gmail.com and I would happily discuss great opportunities with you.

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